TAB Recognises Award Winning Employees

[Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – August 6th, 2019] The Tourism Attraction Board (TAB) is pleased to recognize two of their forward-facing employees who are recent recipients of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA) Stingray Tourism Awards.

Stacy Hurlston and James “Hal” Miller tour guides at the Pedro St. James National Historic Site and Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park respectively, received accolades in the “Diamond” Award category. Both men have served more than 20 years in the hospitality industry.

TAB director, Patrick Thompson is elated to note two TAB agency employees have been awarded. “It is wonderful to see so many years of service by these two remarkable men being recognized in this way. The Board is pleased that the public joins us in honoring Stacy and Hal for their dedication to the industry, to their jobs and to their culture and heritage.”          

Mr. Hurlston has a unique connection to his place of employment, being a direct descendent of the builder of the original home, William Eden. “It’s an honour, I am grateful and humbled. I’m not a person who like accolades, I just do what I do because I want visitors to learn about our people; to build up our identity and our culture. This is very important to me and important for people to learn what Pedro St. James is all about, “said Mr. Hurlston.

If you have taken the guided tour at the Botanic Park in recent years, you will most likely believe that Mr. Miller knows everything there is to know about Cayman culture, as it pertains to the uses of medicinal plants, traditional tools and crafts and how Caymanians survived 100 years ago. “I feel great, it means a lot to me, I really enjoy interacting with people and enjoy doing the heritage tours for the Park. This award means that what I do is appreciated,” said Mr. Miller.

Botanic Park manager, John Lawrus says Miller is vital for providing educational tours to all visiting tourists and local school groups. “This shows recognition not just by our daily visitors but people in the industry also see the important work Hal does.”

Mr. Lawrus believes this is the start of many awards to come. “This is the first time our Botanic staff member has been presented with a Cayman Islands tourism award and I think all our staff can achieve this greatness in the coming years”.

Stingray Tourism Awards
The annual Cayman Stingray Tourism Awards, hosted by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association (CITA), aims to recognise excellence within the local hospitality sector. Exclusive to CITA members, this prestigious event commends individuals across the various sectors of Cayman's tourism industry: Allied, Attraction, Transportation, Accommodations, Restaurant and Watersports operators.

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