When do the theatre shows run at Pedro St. James?

Pedro St. James features a multi-sensory theatre experience. The show touches all the senses as it takes viewers through the history of the Great House. The show starts daily at 9:00 am and runs throughout the day, starting on the hour. The final showing of the day is at 4:00 pm. Special viewing times for special groups or functions can be set up. Contact the administrative offices at Pedro St. James for more information – (345) 947-3329 or admin@pedrostjames.ky.

Do I have to pay an entry fee to enter the Hell geological attraction site?

No, the Hell geological site is free to the public. There are three gift shops and Post Office on the property as well as public washrooms, which are open daily from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. Please note that there is limited lighting and no on-site security. Therefore, after-hours visits are discouraged and are done at the visitor's own risk.

Can I hold my wedding ceremony at the Botanic Park?

Yes, the Botanic Park has been the venue for many weddings and private functions. There are several locations on the site that are suitable for weddings and other events. For more information, contact the Botanic Park at (345) 947-9462 or admin@botanic-park.ky.

When is the Cayman Craft Market open?

The Cayman Craft Market is officially open Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. There are, however, other times that you may see vendors selling at the market, as individual vendors sometimes choose to extend the normal hours, when large numbers of cruise ships are in port. The market is also sometimes open on weekends during the high season, to accommodate cruise visitors.
Please note that on days when weather conditions are extreme, the Craft Market will be closed. For more information, contact the Craft Market at (345) 949-6999 or info@craftmarket.ky.

Can I book a special function at Pedro St. James?

Yes. The Pedro St. James site is used regularly for weddings, parties, corporate retreats, concerts, funerals/memorials and special cultural events. These functions can accommodate numbers from two to over 1,000 people. Several locations on the property are ideal for special events. These include the Great Lawn, the Gazebo and Lawn, the Steadman Bodden Lawn, the Restaurant & Side Lawn* and the Courtyard. To book your event (345) 947-3329 or admin@pedrostjames.ky for more information on what is available.
*The Restaurant and Side Lawn is managed separately by the restaurant management team, the Pedro Administrative Assistant can connect clients directly.

Can I purchase plants from the Botanic Park?

Yes. The Botanic Park operates a plant nursery, which is open to the public. The nursery houses many different types of plants including native trees, fruit trees, flowering plants and orchids. Several times a year the nursery holds plant sales. The dates for these sales are set based on available inventory to sell.
The Botanic Park also partners with the Cayman Islands Orchid Society once a year (usually in the first quarter of the year) to stage an Orchid Show. During and after the show, a large selection of orchids is also available for purchase.
The nursery also houses a separate ‘Native Tree’ section that features many species of plants/trees native to the Cayman Islands. These are also available for sale. Funding for this project was from a partnership with the Department of Agriculture and a private sector donation. Any plant found in the Park can also be propagated upon request.
For more information on specific types of plants available for sale, please contact the Botanic Park at (345) 947-9462 or manager@botanic-park.ky.

How do I find out more about the Blue Iguanas?

The Blue Iguana Conservation (BIC) facility is run by the Cayman Islands National Trust, which is also responsible for the Captive Breeding Programme. While the programme is based at the Botanic Park, all iguana related activities are carried out by the National Trust.
For more information on the Blue Iguanas, please contact National Trust for the Cayman Islands at info@nationaltrust.org.ky or call (345) 749-1121.

How can I become a vendor at the Cayman Craft Market?

The Cayman Craft Market features a group of creative craft vendors and artisans. In order to obtain a licence to do business in the market, you must complete the following steps:

1) Complete and return the ‘Vendor Application Form’ to the CINAA Administrative Offices at Pedro St. James, Pedro Castle Road, Savannah. Forms can be downloaded from the Craft Market website (www.craftmarket.ky) or picked up from the CINAA Administrative Offices. Photographs of the products you wish to sell must accompany the application form.

2) The application is reviewed by the Administrative Officer at the CINAA Office and meetings are scheduled with prospective vendors. Prospective vendors are advised to bring samples of the products they wish to sell in order to better illustrate their proposal.

3) The Director or his designate then discusses the application with the prospective vendor.

4) The Director decides if a licence should be issued.

5) If a licence is issued, the applicant must pay the prescribed fee(s) and sign a formal licence agreement.

6) Once the licence is issued, the new vendor is given a start date and instructed to meet with a CINAA representative at the Market that day.